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You can become an affiliate and make money simply by referring your friends and family to become a part of history and order the first ever African pride sneakers.

When you join the program, you will receive a customized link for you to promote and send to your friends, family, and colleagues. With this code, we can track all of your sales and you will receive a commission on every sale that you have. 

Click the link below for more information and to join the affiliate program: 


Written by tarik edmonson — July 30, 2015




August 06 2015

Uchenna Anyakora:

I can become the open door for the African Community in Malaysia. There is enough purchasing power in Malaysia and the market is quite huge.


August 11 2015


I am interested in you affiliate program

August 12 2015

Mrs. Terry West Carter:

I would love to have the opportunity to sell your product in California. I’m in a Sankofa group and I know they will sell. There’s a lot of people who are interested in buying these shoes.

August 28 2015

Rodney Jackson Sr:

Would love to be an affiliate !

August 28 2015


Would love to sell this product….along with my t shirt business (great match)

August 28 2015


to become an affiliate follow the link above


August 30 2015

Roshonda Belton:

I would love to be a affiliate and sale these shoes here in Virginia through a store but lets talk business.

August 30 2015

austin c:

I wanna get down just no $1000 yet ,but i ordered a pair :)

September 07 2015

Victor Negro:

I would love to open the collection here in Nigeria.

September 17 2015

Abubakr Madammad :

I would love to be down with the movement✊?✊?BlackPower

September 18 2015


Would love to sell your product here in Sacramento\ bay Area Ca.707-514-8263

September 25 2015


How do I get more info?

October 04 2015

Tamar Israel-Griffin:

My partners and i would like to offer your product on our website to our community
also you may call me Tamar 513-652-5992

October 26 2015

Mark Hogue:

Im down for that. But I need to get a sample product first to see how comfortable thy are. And where do yiu manufacturer them?

November 05 2015

Zakia Jackson:

I would love to sell these sneakers
Ordering my first pair
Working on my $1000
In Shaa Allah

November 12 2015


Love the opportunity to sell African product for my people!!!

December 05 2015

Juan Hill:

I would like to do both the High School custom sneakers & African Sneaker!

December 10 2015

Brandon Mickens:

I love your product, and what it stands for. My company The Plushlifestyle llc. is base out of Tallahassee,Fl the home of the HBCU Florida A&M University. I would love to gather more information about profit sharing, and wholesaling of your shoe line. Best Regards, and thank you.

December 10 2015


I’m interested in your product. We would be open to doing business in the African and High School Sneakers. Our working area would be Southern California. Los Angeles, Orange, Kern, San Bernardino counties and any other areas needing service. I may also be helpful in the transportation department. Funds are all ready in place. Looking forward to hearing from your company….Thank You

December 10 2015

Rina Risper:

What is the process?

December 10 2015

Roslyn Mickens:

Congratulations on these shoes!
I would love to find out more information on the affiliate program for these shoes!

December 10 2015

Shatrice Grimes:

Peace! Would love this opportunity!

December 10 2015

Jikeme "The Dream" Daniels:

With the Network I have via Business and music all I would need is a sample pair and it can be done. I’m definitely ready for the challenge!!

December 10 2015

jamie :

Has anyone understood how to proceed ???
We need to do better with communicating and being clear.
We all here want to support the company, yet it doesn’t deem an
easy task to execute.
Much Love and I’ll wait for my emailed updates. Thanks.

December 10 2015

Azhar mcNeal:

I am interested in the affiliate program. Please contact me about details. I reside in Michigan.

December 10 2015

Jonallen Riggins:

I am living and working in East Africa, traveling between Djibouti and Ethiopia monthly. Have access to retail store in Addis Ababa and know the Africa shoe would be a big seller in these two markets. Lets work together. Prepared to do 1/2 order immediately.

December 10 2015


Hello, I interested in being affiliates. What’s the process and how do we started. I’m small business owner web based.

Tina Young-Holman

December 10 2015


please contact me regarding this

December 10 2015

Kevin Fields:

Please contact me with more info. I would like to get specifics in regard to what i will recieve.

December 10 2015

Sam B:

Congratulations on your business! and thank you for giving our people the opportunity to sell your product in the African Community, I’m also interested in starting a business and I think I have found it… My brother please don’t sell this business to the white man or anybody that you think will sell out…


December 10 2015


I’m based in Botswana (southern africa), and if you’re interested we could do a little business… I’m on whatsapp too +26774614464

December 10 2015

Marwa Shidid:

Good afternoon,
Im inquiring to get more details, of the steps to take to be able to part of the opportunity.
Iam from Montreal,Canada I could definitely see the potential of the customized shoe in such a cosmopolitan city.
Looking forward to hearing back from you shortly.

December 10 2015

marcus charles:

I am interested in selling your sneakers here in Michigan. Let me know the start up costs and fees or you can text me at 269-225-7048.

December 10 2015

Andre K. :

Would love to bring this to one of America’s greatest cities….down in the 504. What must we do?

December 10 2015

Queen Serenity:

I have a nonprofit organization and I would love to use your shoes as a fundraiser for “Serenity Creations” assisting young woman in Atlanta to become the best them they can be and showing them they are true Queens and can be entrepreneurs themselves. Plans to branch out to assisting young men also.

December 10 2015

Gloria Grant:

I would love to customized sneakers for the African Orthodox Church founded in America in 1921 by George Alexander McGuire. Please respond so I can put on my website to promote this great adventure throughout the church in America and Africa. I have many ideas to bridge black Americans and African Americans through this sneaker. Reverend Sister Gloria Grant

December 10 2015


I signed up for the affiliate program and the link generator isn’t working. Can’t wait to start promoting these, I love the concept

December 10 2015

Bessie Williams :

I am very interested but the link is not working.

December 10 2015


am in Namibia and interested to sell the sneakers

December 10 2015

ngoe metuge:

I am very interested in selling these sneekers. I live in md but also want to sell these sneekers oversees in Cameroon. Black Power for life.

December 11 2015

Michael Eugene Johnson:

Organizations that I work with and belong to would love to discuss how we would like to be part of this proposed business, thanks for placing it on my page on FB

December 11 2015

Fareed Muhammad:

Sign me up. Where do I sign. Love help my community.

December 11 2015



December 12 2015

Marseil Riddle:

What a great product! Sign me up as an affiliate. Building black wealth! Nike move over!

December 12 2015



December 12 2015


If I purchase 50, do they have to be the same design and can i have a mix of sizes.

December 14 2015


Sign me Up, i am ready to sell !

December 16 2015


I would like more information on become a Distributor

December 19 2015


interested in becoming a distributor

December 30 2015


Great product and interest. We can see the benefits of keeping our dollars black and promoting our culture.

January 05 2016

Empress Chi:

We are very interested in knowing more about your operations and how we may possibly be able to do some business. We really want to work with as many Black/African products as possible. We tried connecting to the link as indicated but to no avail. Please contact us at your earliest convenience at

January 05 2016


Interested in Oklahoma City, also interested in selling as a fundraiser.

January 20 2016

Yayah McGurn:

Sincerely interested in doing business in the very near future, I would like to get a better understanding of what I need to do as far as, getting my designs and ideas to you and learning more about your company, look forward to hearing from you

February 03 2016


Hi I’m absolutely interested in becoming an affiliate in your products. Please reach out to me via my email and I’m very interested in moving forward


February 09 2016


I am extremely interested

March 01 2016

Abdul Karim:

I am very interested in doing good business with you,I am located in Cleveland ohio.Look forward hearing from you family

March 17 2016


I am interested in joining the movement.


April 03 2016


Starting a local tennis club and would like a custom tennis shoes that can play well on 3 different surfaces. Clay, Grass and Hard Court. I am located in the Alabama Black Belt and would like the shoe to be made in Continental in our community if possible. We need a local manufacturing operation.

May 03 2016


The link isn’t working. How do I attach the affiliate link to my Facebook page?

August 16 2016


I can’t seem to sign up before I start promoting this shoe on my social media platforms.

August 29 2016

Gwendolyn Johnson:

Want like to place an order and request distributorship authorization. Please contact me at 1-202-749-1337.

October 09 2016

Christopher O'Bryant:

I’m down to push these in Boston area

October 31 2016


I signed up for the affiliate program, but it didn’t give me a link. I just see a blank page with order status or payment status but no link to send people to. And it gave me an id number but no link. I have a lot of people interested already

February 25 2017

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