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Sneaker Designer interns wanted, please send an email to with references of your work if interested.

Written by tarik edmonson — April 17, 2013



put me in on game

May 07 2015

Willie Walker:

True old school is now new school.

June 30 2015

Jeff Edwards-El:

I can design all clothing hmu. Fb Scrillawear

July 01 2015

Jon Lea Vells-El:

Up, up you mighty race and accomplish what you will!!!!

July 01 2015

Michael Lindsey:

Would love to do this kind of work, I’m an artist, have drawn shoes all my life.

July 03 2015

Samantha Lowry:

I have an Assoc Degree in Fine Art as well as course credit towards mt Bachelors of Fine Art from the Atlanta College of Art. I have sketchbooks and a drawing portfolio available upon request. I have basic knowledge of photoshop as well as photography experience (both film & digital)
Plus I got my ear to the streets & am confident we could do some dope work together. However, I would like to know up front how long the intern phase would last. You can reach me on my email at

July 27 2015

Breana Smith:

Hi! Im a graphic designer, inspring fashion designer and i customize shoes. I do full customs paint jobs primarily on leather based shoes. I also do shoe restoration. Very ceative, exceptional knowlege in fashion/footwear industry, and have a strong belief in profesionalism. Would love to work. Shoot me an email, id be more than glad to talk. P.s- im looking to expand business in the black community. I want to see more of us!!

August 03 2015

A. Michael Edwards:

Interested in trying something new. Been drawing off and on all my life. What do I have to do to work with your group?

September 01 2015

austin c:

I can draw but ,more then just drawing im the brains and the trend setter ,i know what the ppl want I live in DMV area (DC area ) we are style next to atl lol hmu

September 07 2015

Naki Lightbourne:

I am interested in being able to sell those shoes, how can I be down…
San Diego, CA

October 16 2015


I’m a writer. Check out my notes. I can do quotes or poetry to go on shoes even song lyrics. My husband and I have great business ideas. I am interested in a certain pair of shoes I see and I will order.

October 24 2015


I would love the opportunity to be a part of something so great JUST for our PEOPLE… I have great ideas and having a set of twins boy and girl they keep me loaded with ideas in regards to style and things that our youth would love. I think that my twins could even be models for this wonderful brand. I love to design and have wonderful ideas. This would absolutely also help me out financially as I was laid off from my job 6/2013 and have not been employed since so I have all the time in the world to invest in something I would absolutely LOVE TO DO FOR OUR PEOPLE. ASE’

October 31 2015

Aisha Curry:

Peace, I’m interested in Ujamaa representative in Atlanta. Please inform me how I apply. I give thanks

November 05 2015

Claretha Myers:

I’m very interested in becoming an Intern for your Sneakers line. I am an interior designer with unique and creative vision skills.

November 21 2015


Peace Family, My name is Edsel Peterson CEO of SOFIRE® and im interested in collaborating with you guys…..I have some heat the world need to feel….Im ready to give our people an alternative brand with quality originality style and finesse, with a African foundation…..I worked for ABC and Clear channel as a graphic artist…. I have an extensive resume…..Im sure we can help each other be successful in this Black Power movement….I also have manufacturing connections in China, Japan, and Italy……I will launch a series of well anticipated products 2016…… So lets help each other turn this spark into a flame……I can be reached at…. Hotep

November 30 2015


Very interesting

December 07 2015

Adebowale Adetokunbo: I am a MAROON Music Artist. I’ma buy some first then we’ll talk. Mo n’ife Idile Adulawo

December 10 2015

Dickson chima :

Hello sir …. I am Dickson chima, a marketing coordinator in Nigeria and an agent for an online shopping site with good track sales records .. I have to be sincere sir, I kinda like ur inspiration about Africa and blacks as a whole and also ur beautiful designs too … And I am please to inform u Dat sneakers are favourite type footwears among people here expecially the youths, which makes dem crave for new and trendy designs something like urs … Believe me I am surprised Dat ur products are not in circulation here… Then I thought we could partner … I can help you promote and distribute ur sneakers in Nigeria and other African countries…. Dis is my contact

December 10 2015

Arianne :

Peace Family… Very inspiring to see this opportunity available… I would be delighted to become advocate for the UK as I am in contact with those of our people that invest solely in our community and the wider diaspora and realise the importance of setting the foundation for the next generation.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, I look forward to your correspondence

Willing success to you in all endeavours


December 10 2015

Cryshawn Smith:

I Am Amazed how throughout time we can revamp a brand & create it to a point where it made history i’d like to intern for your company & bring some fresh California Style to the mix & be an open mind to new ideas my contact number is 9512102237. Appreciate your time.

December 10 2015

Samantha Daniels :

Hey I was wondering if my brother who is currently locked up can become a designer. This would be a great opportunity for him to make money and not become a repeat offender when he gets out because he would have an opportunity when he gets out. He is an awesome artist.

December 10 2015

Michael Douglas :

Pls contact me about your design positions

December 10 2015

Michelle cole:

Hello. I have a12 year old almost13 pretty soon and he loves loves to draw shoes…he has been drawing shoes ever since I bought him his 1st pair of Jordan’s at the age of 3. I showed him your post and he is very interested in just being apart if something different..i did advise him that he would only be volunteering till he turns the appropriate age…he says he doesn’t care..its the fact that he is able to learn n give feedback.. I am a single mother of 3 and he is my oldest..we have had so many tragedies n his life at a young age..i feel n he feels like changing himself to help me take care of us.. His grandfather died in front of him in the beginning of the year his grandmother passed at his football game.we were put out of the house she shared with her friend.. I lost my job..we became homeless and living in my car for four months…taking wash ups in park bathrooms just so they would be clean going bak to school..i have been blessed with a job but it takes 12hours away from me being with my kids so he says ma I need to help u I say baby u r too young…he said ma I can do something to get u back home because we need u..but I explained to him that all I want him to do is enjoy his life because I got it.but he explained to me that he hates to see me struggle for us by myself..he just wants to I’m reaching out to u.. To see if u can be a motivational big brother to him. Teach n show him things I cant… From a real mans perception. He has told me that he feels like he needs a man to raise him..but I say no..all u gotta do is listen focus and pay attention…n ima raise u to be the best man ever…but I need a little help…if I put him into something that has all of his interests then his focus will be positive…can u with not asking for no compensation in just asking for your experience and knowledge in helping me raise a young man into a successful man..u can call me at 678-755-4713…my mam is Michelle his name is Myron. Thank u and God bless u

December 10 2015

Anton Richardson Jr.:

Greetings! My name is Anton and I am a 15 year old 10th grader who is in a magnet architecture design program in my school. I have been designing shoes for about 2 years and would like the opportunity to work with you to not only share my ideals but to learn from a new up and coming fashion mogul. This opportunity will allow me to gain experience and perhaps help me secure a good space in a great college. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Have an outstanding day.

December 10 2015

DaEnjoli Smith:

Congratulations on your companies success. I am a gifted artist full of ideas. I live in Phoenix Arizona and I am currently in school at Full Sail University online. You can reach me at daenjolis151@gmail for any information. I am ready to be part of a team that thinks outside the box. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your time

DaEnjoli Smith

December 10 2015

Dianna :

I’m will to give you ideas and designs for free.

December 10 2015

Bayete Chinwendu :

Hello. I am an empty canvas ready to learn and try new things. I have experience with all forms of media and I have hand painted a few pairs of shoes. I would love the opportunity to learn and do more with customs

December 10 2015


I wear them so i know what they should look like.;)

December 10 2015

leon buxton:

I was looking to create a drummers shoe with the casual to street look.many drummers tear shoes up because of the constant movement . So creating tho shoe would help not just drummers but all musicians and roadies gigging

December 10 2015

James Lovelace :

Design is my life!!!!

December 10 2015

James Lovelace :


December 10 2015

marcus charles:

My comment is concerning other material such as hemp material. I was wondering would you consider making footwear with hemp. I have a vast network of hemp growers who would be happy working with your company.

December 10 2015


I’m an iOS developer and I create iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad. Im interested in this venture.

December 11 2015


I’m an iOS developer and I create iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad. Im interested in this venture.

December 11 2015


How do I become part of the team?

December 11 2015

Carolena Belton:

Hello I am a 56 year young Multi-cultured Sista who ran into the Intro on this genius and his shoes by accident on Facebook.,I am strong in the belief that my Brothers and Sista’s have the ability to achieve on their own as they did many years ago.I am not a designer and i am working on my we speak but i have been so interested in Business and just took a class as a elective in import and Export and i would love to work with your Company in getting this out Internationally i have many associates and people i deal with in Africa and would love to speak to someone about helping take this to the Motherland also. This would benefit me in learning first hand and helping you take this to another level in your adventure if my little intro gets to you within all the hundreds i see here please feel free to contact me anytime regarding your internships or whatever positions you have i am so interested…Peace & Love Carolena fatu Belton.

December 11 2015

Cynthia Bush:

I hope that this shoe looks like it looks on line. Im all for my people,i love supporting my black owned bussinesses. If at anytime i could get in on designing a shoe,please let me know. But im quite sure you have your hands full. Looking foward too seeing this product . Im buying this for my baby. Hes 9 yrs old he wears a size 5,but im getting the 7. Im a hold it till he could wear it. I dont want too miss Thanks . Ms. Bush

December 11 2015


I’d love an opportunity to pitch my endless ideas for shoe designs and marketing for your brand! I’m an artist and upcoming architecture graduate at Howard University! I know many people who would love to wear these awesome shoes.
One love!

December 11 2015

Syreeta Baker:

This is what I call #blackexcellence! My life has been about supporting black owned business and encouraging the black community to start up there own business and follow their own dreams by finding the greatness within, knowing it and owning it! Education is the key and knowing thyself is where it starts and everything else comes naturally as its within our DNA to be great!

I have been creating and crafting since a small girl, leaving school with an A* in Art & Design which lead to my extensive knowledge and experience in fashion and design (my passion) for years I have been visualising a change in the market place in all industries as black ownership is rare, however I have seen a huge growth in black entrepreneurs around the globe. So I’m excited for the future and I’m only interested in owning and controlling resources and putting our roots into the ground and grow tall and strong nobody will pull us up!

We must become the majority to win….#communityorder#groupeconomics

December 11 2015


I’m a photographer and a filmmaker

December 11 2015


I want to know what size shoe would I buy because the sizes are all men sizes right? I wear a 9 in women, and I just want to support.

December 11 2015


Hello my name is towanna johnson from New Jersey and I’m very interested in this opportunity, I also screen print to and draw as well as crochet.

December 14 2015

Nandi :

Where do I sign up?

December 15 2015

Ty Walker:

I am a Creative Director, I can create designs and also create various sales for this company.

December 15 2015

Marc Thomas:

Love to be apart of this awesome movement! Checkout Damadezine Custom Tees on Facebook. I want to earn a position with your company! Thank regards, God Bless.

December 15 2015

Moloi Moeketsi:

Pls check this talent, right from South Africa – Facebook – Manapo Mopeli

December 16 2015

Jessie Shepherd:

Resident of Mississippi, but would love to consider being a distributor with this grass root product. I LOVE the look.!!!!

December 17 2015

Derrick Middleton:

If the shoes are comfortable, I can sell them. They seem to be built like Chuck Taylors which are all about look and not about comfort at all. Please respond.

December 31 2015

Tramond spencer :

My mame is tramond spencer and i have been an airbrush artist selling urban designs for more than 20 years. I would love an opportunity to design shoes for your company. Please email me the details

January 01 2016

Sharif huntley:

The lost is beginning to b found in my area. My conscious ppl would diffently support this movement I want in and have alot of ideas.

January 01 2016

Tressa Rivera :

I’m interested. Check out my IG: @couture_noire

January 18 2016


i want to invest but them ahnk and the rest are not trustworthy, they too dirty, i dont want to risk doin any form of transaction through those ppl

January 20 2016

Mr evans:

Orderd my first pair.Would lo ve to do marketing for you in cincinnati oh?

January 28 2016


I love these however, you need women designs (a heel or wedge) and kid shoes. So we can all rep these shoes!!!

February 25 2016


Perhaps you can include some canvas flats for women.

March 31 2016

Anthony Mondaine:

I love these Shoes i saw some out town down south! !im very interesting in buying og pair these sneakers first i want buy theone with the Africa. Symbol. And the other with jamican symbol! ! But do the. Company make a size 13? Please say yes

July 08 2017

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